KinetiCode Pilates high bridgeKinetiCode®Pilates is a functional movement training and postural alignment technique. It develops personal training and group class programs to improve sport performances as well as prevent- post injury syndromes.

Each program is designed to equally balance the three important key elements of Mobility – Stability – Strength from the static to the dynamic phase of the training. This creates an evenly conditioned body, strong, flexible and properly aligned.

KinetiCode®Pilates, as a contemporary Pilates method, develops specific awareness of movement in three dimensional planes of motions. It improves the strength of the two systems of the Core ( Inner core – Outer core) in synergy with other muscle groups. It optimizes neuromuscular coordination in different movement patterns. It develops a better intelligence on how to approach an exercise and  its variations.

Guaranteeing a high standard of knowledge, KinetiCode®Pilates aims to achieve maximum body consciousness, creates awareness and optimal movement efficiency.

In addition to a qualified regular maintenance workout, KinetiCode®Pilates  kcode slogan 1add specific programs in different fields such as:

Rehabilitation of:

  • muscular-skeletal disorders (that are such a feature of modern life). Back problems, chronic neck pain and/or shoulder pain, poor posture, arthritis, osteoporosis or fibromyalgia.
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is an umbrella term used to describe a number of muscular-skeletal conditions, as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Such conditions are usually caused by a mix of bad ergonomics, stress and repetitive motion, such as working with a keyboard.
  • Pre and Post-Surgery Strengthening.
  • Pre and post Pregnancy.


Every sport has its own distinctive patterns of movement. Tennis, for example, is very much an one-sided game. Others sports demand biomechanical efficiency to minimize the potential damage caused by an action, such as fast bowling in cricket.

KinetiCode® Pilates offers specific programs for gymnastic, racquet sports, swimmer, golfer, runner, cyclists, equestrians, martial art, and athletes.

The focus in each program is to optimize biomechanical efficiency, injury prevention and recovery. Hence, increasing the kinaesthetic awareness, that allows an individual to achieve the top of their sport.


KinetiCode® Pilates guarantees high quality programs to improve technical abilities of classical/modern/contemporary dancers and circus disciplines, focusing in the specific needs that each profession requires.

Specific programs are tailored to improve posture, prevent and/or recover from injury for musicians depending on the type of instruments, needs and goals.


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KinetiCode Pilates