Margherita Bencini

KinetiCode Margherita Bencini



Margherita is a professional dancer, choreographer, a qualified PMA® certified Pilates and Gyrotonic® teacher, NASM certified and one of the creators of KinetiCode® methodology.

She has been dancing for more than fifteen years with dance companies in Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands and United States. Beside her dance carrier, she graduated in Semiotic of Movement at Bologna University. Margherita got her Pilates certifications in Power House,  PMA®-CPT and in B.A.S.I Body Art and Science International Pilates degree, high study certification in matwork and equipments in New York. In 2005 Margherita opened her Pilates and Gyrotonic company. Since then she has been teaching Pilates in group and private training in her two studios in Amsterdam and she is taking part as Pilates trainer in several projects with dance companies, circus and musical productions. From 2007 together with an international team, she developed a three dimensional methodology call KinetiCode®, specially developed to improve top sport performance of dancers and athletes.

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