Personal training KinetiCode®Pilates


KinetiCode trainingKinetiCode®Pilates Studio offer private/duo/trio Personal Training on Pilates, Gyrotonic equipments,TRX and functional training props.

  • Personal training session from Monday to Sunday from 07.30-22.00.
  • You can pay for your class or classes using bank credit or debit card or on the spot.
  • Please note that the price paid by you for your class or classes is non-refundable unless you cancel your booking 24 hours or more before the time and date of the class.


  • 10Class Card  The 10 class card allow you to book 10 private sessions of one hour each class. The specific and tailor made program will make  sure you can reach your goals and needs in a progressive and regular training sessions. For the 10class card, payment need to be done before or at the first class of the 10class card.
  •  Note: The 10class card is valid 4 months from your the initial date. After that the 10class card expire.


•    Comprehensive training program tailor-made to meet specific, personal physical needs and goals. The training combines the flexibility, lean body of classical Pilates with athletic challenges of the functional training.

•    KinetiCode®Pilates designs an accurate sequence of exercises to improve spine and overall health in flexibility, stability and strength phases of training.

•    Achieve great results in core training ( inner and outer core muscles).

•    KinetiCode®Pilates improves stamina and endurance with control and specific series of the exercises enable to increase the body motor control, speed, agility for any body types.

•    Perfect condition training to prepare you for long hours of demanding work period.

•    The exercises are excellent to combat stress, release uncontrolled tensions, especially in the shoulders,neck area and serve as a complete body-mind workout that enable the improvement of focus and clear/refresh the mind.

•    Excellent tool to improve the physical condition for specific sports such as running, cycling, tennis/squash/golf, football, swimmer, horse riding, dancing etc.

•    Improve flexibility, coordination and mobility of joints using Pilates routines, combined with strength of the overall body, incorporating athletic components from plyometric and functional exercises. Resulting to an evenly, lean, toned body.

•    KinetiCode®Pilates exercises provide in-dept knowledge of the human anatomy and are naturally integrated during private sessions to raise awareness of the physical possibilities and serve to be knowledgable to prevent post injuries syndrome.