KinetiCode®Pilates Dance Series

KinetiCode®Education present:

Bodies in motion / Dance-Code Series

Full immersion on the human body movement potential using an extensive dance-specific KinetiCode®Pilates repertoire, up-to-date functional exercises and movement science researches.

‘Discover the universe of your body from inside-out….Build your body into a strong foundation.’

KInetiCode Dance SeriesThis workshop will underline anatomical and biomechanical principles, making the students explore different relationships of kinetic chains of body parts in flexibility- stability- strength phase of dance training.

A comprehensive KinetiCode®Pilates study will give you the tools to improve your core stability, coordination and balance required when moving quickly and changing direction in complex dance routines.

Sequences of jumping, off-balance/balance and turning will challenge your experience to apply in motion a dynamic alignment and principles of movement learned in static position, making you understand better their correlations and utilities in space.

Participants will learn postural alignment exercises designed to develop a proper muscular strength, symmetry, stability, and specific understanding of dance techniques for improved dance placement and neuromuscular control.

An analysis of functional anatomy will bring you directly into a physical awareness of your body’s function and design, helping you in the prevention/ post injuries and improvement of your dance performance.

Outline of the KinetiCode®Pilates workshop:

  • Awareness of a dynamic alignment
  • Integrate two systems of Core to optimise your pelvis placement
  • Increase core control and strength, understanding its role in preventing injuries
  • Optimise hip, knee, foot and ankle alignment
  • Correction of muscle imbalance and repetitive movement injuries
  • Experience the synergy of the stability and moment systems to the body
  • Improve balance, proprioception and stability in static and dynamic movement sequences
  • Learn how a kinesthetic way of using the brain can affect movement and function
  • Improve key areas such as flexibility/extensions, turnout, torso stability, legs strength, and ankle-foot control
  • Decreased movement stresses on joints and ligaments
  • Realise unwanted tensions, reestablish a correct neuromuscular coordination.
  • Correct breathing and mental concentration


Date: Monday 6 – Friday 10 July
Time: 15:00 – 18:00
Price: € 160,-
Minimium participants: 15
Maximum participants: 20

Location:  HJS Summer Intensive 2015/ Chasse Dance Studio Chasséstraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam

During the workshop, KinetiCode®Pilates will select candidates for the Scholarship of KinetiCode®Pilates Teacher Certification starting in September 2015.

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