Kineticode®Pilates & Breast Cancer


Breast cancer leaves many women feeling disconnected from their bodies and unwilling to exercise. KinetiCode®Pilates offers gentle progressive programs to help regaining physical and emotional health.

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Thanks to early detection and advancements in treatment, many more women are surviving breast cancer and go on to live their natural life expectancy. Despite this good news, cancer treatments have evident impact as weight gain, muscle atrophy and premature bone loss; women are left weak and physically challenged even by normal day-to-day activities.

Appropriate Pilates programs can be an useful tool in rehabilitation for breast cancer survivors. A valid guideline from a qualified Pilates teacher can help a woman recovering from breast cancer and its side effects, reclaiming her physical confidence and reestablish a connection with her body.

 Why KinetiCode®Pilates?

Researches strongly suggest that exercising can greatly reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence as well as enhance functionality and quality of life (Kaelin et al. 2007; Mutrie et al. 2007; Sprague et al. 2007).

One of the main benefits of KinetiCode®Pilates exercise programs is that it can be tailored to the individual necessities.

KinetiCode®Pilates program progressively proceeds in different phases of training in a save environment with appropriate exercises sequences, consistently monitor the client, asking how she feels.

KinetiCode®Pilates programs use Pilates, Gyrotonic equipments and props as foam roller and TRX to  facilitate correct muscular patterns and range of motion in the chest, shoulders, back and arms.

Divided in different phases, the exercise programs focus on gradually build  a strong core, incorporates low-load exercises to strengthen the local stabilizers, promote joint stability and enhance neuromuscular control.

Women in recovery are often fighting stress and fatigue. As body-mind method KinetiCode®Pilates find the breathing techniques especially beneficial to encourage proper lymphatic drainage, increasing energy levels and reducing stress. Clients report to feel better, both physically and emotionally, with each session.

 Pilates Benefits for Breast Cancer Survivors

  • improves shoulder girdle mechanics, to help in the breakdown of scar tissue and frozen shoulder
  • restores overall range of motion, flexibility, strength and endurance
  • restores upright postural alignment and balance
  • increases strength of overall stabiliser muscles
  • enhances core strength and endurance
  • encourage lymphatic drainage, with proper breathing techniques, preventing lymphedema
  • re-establishes proper muscular coordination patterns
  • reduces physiological and emotional stress
  • improves sleep and alleviates pain and fatigue
  • improves overall kinesthetic awareness
  • increases self-confidence and overall well-being

“it’s not about quantity but about the quality of the exercises you perform”




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