KinetiCode Pilateslogo KinetiCode®Pilates high qualified teacher trainings/ certifications are  intensive academic programs for anyone who is serious about making a profession of Pilates or movement specialist.

They are  rigorous and complete programs of study, practice, observation and apprenticeship  which will qualify you for a career at the highest level.​​

The KineitCode Pilates educational programs are in collaboration with EFAA organisation.


  •  a complete high-qualified teaching training in KinetiCode®Pilates. The 100 hours course provides a balanced and complete blend of theory, observation and practical hands-on training to help the student to master at the optimum level the KinetiCode®Pilates extensive repertoire.
  • Coming course:  April-May  2017!!!


  • CERTIFCATION-MODULE B  is designed for students with anatomy background/ work experiences. It provides them a high qualified compressive teaching training course of extensive theory, observation and practical training. An intense program able to guide the student to master at the optimum level the KinetiCode® Pilates extensive methodology. It is still possible to apply to Module B as Individual or Company Mentor KinetiCode®Pilates Education Program.

Introduction Workshop for the  KINETICODE®PILATES Certification

​ This is a 6 hours instructor’s training course where the participants will experience the main guidelines of the KinetiCode®Pilates programs in one day.

Principal topics of the workshop are: functional anatomy apply to movement science, exercises principles and posture assessments according

KinetiCode®Pilates methodology and practical KinetiCode®​Pilates matwork exercises.

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