what exactly does it means to be fit?


KinetiCode Pilates roller

The standard of living nowadays is that everybody should be fit.

But what exactly does it means to be fit?

Poor posture leads to worse, incorrect training brings an incorrect use of the body that tends to lead to dysfunction and injury.

Do you know how your body is designed, how skeletor and muscles work together to function efficiently, how the mind is always part of the context?

KinetiCode® answers all these questions in a unique way.

Designing specific programs, KinetiCode®Pilates makes you aware of a good and healthy posture, alignment and stability, the great starting point for exercising.

You will be guided to build strength, dynamic core, endurance and flexibility into a well organized body.

The concept behind it is that only when the body is being used according to its bio-mechanic muscles get trained to produce movement, stability, strength and flexibility which support a healthy function.

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